The company was founded in 2014, and from then until today is constantly growing in all areas of business.

In cooperation with our partners, suppliers and with our local shipyards, we are trying to contribute to the development of the local shipbuilding.


  • establishment of a company (j.d.o.o.)
  • company, office, workshop/address: Ivana Matrljana 28/A, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia


  • recapitalization of the company (d.o.o.)


  • moved workshop to a larger space
  • workshop/address: Milutina Barača 54 (45°20’11.5″N 14°24’16.5″E), 51000 Rijeka, Croatia


  • moved office to a larger space
  • office/address: Nikole Tesle 9 (1st floor), 51000 Rijeka, Croatia