P.B.S. d.o.o. is a private company from Rijeka and has been continuously growing in all areas of business since its establishment It currently operates in two locations, in Rijeka and Bakar. The company core business is design, repair, maintenance and production of electrical and automation equipment, design, repair, maintenance of mechanical and hydraulic systems covering about 90% of the device segments on the ships.

On location in Rijeka there is a service and production facility with the offices, in which approximately 80% of the business activities of the company take place, primarily design and engineering service and maintenance of ship electric, electronic, automation systems, repair and maintenance of marine diesel engines and hydraulics systems, service and repair of electric motors, service of deck machinery production of main and auxiliary switchboards for marine and shore application, production of distribution boards for marine and shore application, …

The second location is located in Bakar near Rijeka, where primarily steel work is performed, steel cable trays, foundations, cable penetrations, steel flooring, …

P.B.S. d.o.o. currently has 56 employees, of which more than 70% are electrical engineers and electricians and about 20% are engineers and technicians, mechanics, welders. They are joined by a team of employees working on design, control, procurement, sales and finance.

P.B.S. d.o.o.


Address: Pulska 1, HR-51000 Rijeka, Croatia

OIB: 56701335999

MB: 04169107

VAT ID: HR56701335999

EUID: HRSR.040320388

Share capital: 20.000,00 kuna / 2.654,46 euro

Competent court: Commercial court in Rijeka

MBS: 040320388

Board members: Neven Medić



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